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Please read this first.

Do you have personal experience with an aircraft on our website? Or do you just like to write about aircraft? is constantly improving, and part of that process is making the database of aircraft as complete as possible.

We need descriptions and personal experiences for every single aircraft on the website, and many more to come. Your work will be published on the relevant page with your name and a link back to your website or public profile.

There is no limit to the amount of descriptions you can submit. Your work will be checked for plagiarism, as well as quality. We aim to uphold a high quality standard, and if your submission is not of satisfying quality or uniqueness, it will not be published.

A few guidelines for your submission:

  • Minimum word count 300 words
  • It has to be specific to the aircraft you selected. For example, do not write about the Boeing 737. Write about the 737-100 instead.
  • The submission has to be 100% original.
  • Maximum paragraph length 50 words.
  • For longer texts, use proper headings and structure.

Please navigate to the aircraft you are writing about, copy the url, and include with your submission. Thank You!

Please email us:

  • Your name
  • Your website or other source you’d like credited
  • The aircraft model
  • The URL to the aircraft on this website
  • The aircraft description you want published


freeze dot aviation at gmail dot com
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