Photo Usage

Aircraft Photos used in this site, particularly ones credited to the Editorial Team, are of the following nature:

  • Photos for which permission has been received ( in writing ) from their respective copyright owners
  • Photos for which or holds the copyrights
  • Photos found on google by using “Tools” –> “Usage rights” –> “Labeled for reuse with modification”
  • Photos from free photo sites such as,,, etc.
  • Photos uploaded by members in the (now deprecated) membership system
  • Photos by Depositphotos

In case you found your copyrighted image on our site we are very sorry to upload your work by mistake, please do send us a complain notice via the contact form and we will remove them from our Database within 24-48 hours.

Also incase you want your photo to keep showing on our site please do write to us , we can attribute the photo caption to you and include a link to your website. For this we do need evidence that you are indeed the rightful owner of the photo.

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